John NortonQ. How much do your custom cartoons cost?

A. It all depends on the enormity and detail of the creation! A simple custom cartoon might run you $50, whereas a large complex illustration could potentially cost hundreds of dollars–maybe more if it’s really intricate. Also, it depends on how you’re going to use the cartoon–if you just want to use a cartoon on a flier, that costs less than using the same cartoon on a flier, a website, and a newspaper ad, for instance. For more information, please visit the rates page. For a free quote, just contact me.

Q. What do I get when I purchase a custom cartoon?

A. You receive digital art files transferred electronically, and whatever usage rights we agree upon. Generally, I retain ownership of the artwork, but you acquire certain rights to use the artwork. Visit my legal info page for more information.

Q. Can I copy and use the artwork on this website?

A. For ethical and…well…economic reasons, I must ask that you don’t use any of the artwork on this page without permission! Again, visit my legal info page for more information.

Q. Can I purchase original copies of your artwork?

A. I would not be opposed to this idea, but there’s just one tiny problem: all of my art is done digitally on a Wacom Cintiq, meaning there are no originals, strictly speaking.

Q. Can you provide free cartoons for non-profit organizations or events?

A. If time allows, I would be happy to create pro-bono cartoons for non-profit organizations and events, or benefits. Please keep in mind that time for pro-bono work may be tight, but if possible, I will do my very best to accommodate. Please be prepared to provide sufficient documentation of the event, and specifics about the artwork you desire.

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