John NortonThe process of getting a custom cartoon is a pretty straightforward one, but there are a few things you should keep in mind so there are no surprises!

When you purchase a cartoon from me, you receive digital art files transferred electronically, and whatever usage rights we agree upon. Generally, I retain ownership of the artwork, but you acquire certain rights to use the artwork. If you want to use a $100 cartoon only on your website, it’s going to cost $100. If you want to use it on your website and in a promotional flier, the cost will increase by 50% to $150. If you also want to use the cartoon in a newspaper advertisement, the cost will increase by 100% to $200, and so on. Ultimately, you are buying usage rights of the cartoon, while I retain the original copyright. If you wish to purchase the original copyright to the cartoon creation, we can negotiate–just bear in mind, it’s a lot more expensive to buy copyright ownership than it is to buy usage rights! If you have any questions, contact me!

I must also ask that you please don’t copy artwork from this website and use it without permission. It’s not only a violation of my usage rights, but you may also be violating the rights of a client who paid for usage rights to that cartoon, as well. Instead, contact me if you’re interested in using any of the artwork from this website, and we can negotiate. If the usage rights don’t belong to someone else, we may be able to work out a deal.

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