John NortonOdds are, if you’re reading this, you desire a custom cartoon illustration for your business, party, newspaper, website, church, or one of dozens of places or occasions where a custom cartoon would really provide that punch you’re looking for. Well, my name is John Norton, and I’m a cartoonist. I’ve pretty much been drawing cartoons since the day I was old enough to hold a pencil on my own. I created to give me another reason to draw cartoons. As if I needed one.

If you’re interested in purchasing a custom cartoon, check out the Rates page! If you have any questions, read the FAQ, and if your question is still not answered, please contact me. Who knows–maybe your question will make it into the FAQ to help out people in the future!

You can also check out my online comic, George, at I implore you to go take a look, if you’re curious about me and my cartoons!

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